10 Best Technical Universities of UAE…

Technical fields are a widely chosen field of study for many students. Students want to be on a career path that is stable and allows them to be independent and financially secure. 

UAE is a country where technical fields are extremely successful because of the amount of development and construction work that goes on throughout the country. Students just want to bag a job as soon as they get out of the university and technical fields make that possible for them. 

If you are a student in search of a great technical university in UAE then don’t worry, dissertation writing services in Dubai have penned down the 10 best technical universities of UAE.

1. American University in Dubai 

American University is one of the best in UAE and you can get a wide variety of technical degrees from the school of engineering. You can easily go for courses in civil engineering, computer science, computer engineering, mechanical, and electrical engineering. 

2. Heriot-Watt University 

Heriot-Watt University in Dubai is an international campus and its main campus is in Edinburgh Scotland. 

You can get mechanical degrees from Heriot-Watt and walk on an extraordinary career path. 

3. Higher College of Technology 

Higher College has a wide variety of technical courses such as mechatronics, electrical and electronics engineering, and aircraft technology, etc. 

You can go for the field you are most interested in and make a career out of it. Higher colleges of technology are the largest higher education academy in the UAE. 

4. Rochester Institute of Technology 

You can get a number of courses at RIT and if you have a job, this institute should be a great option because it offers part-time courses which you can manage with other commitments. 

It is the sister campus of RIT in New York, USA. 

5. University of Wollongong in Dubai 

If you are fulfilling the admissions requirement for the University of Wollongong then you can get an engineering degree with your dedicated hard work. 

You can also get a Master of Engineering Management from the University of Wollongong as well.

6. Zayed University 

You can get a number of undergraduate and post-graduate degrees from Zayed University. You can simply complete an undergraduate program and enroll for the master's if you are interested. 

7. Khalifa University 

Khalifa University has one of the most diverse fields of studies and you can choose from a large variety. 

The degree choices range from aerospace engineering to Biomedical and chemical engineering fields. 

8. Manipal University Dubai Campus 

Manipal University is based in India and they have a campus in Dubai which offers engineering and science degrees. 

You can also find a good number of postgraduate courses as well. 

9. University of Sharjah 

Sharjah University has a vast range of courses and you can choose from engineering to business administration courses. 

Sharjah university has a diverse demographic because students from all over the world are a part of this institute. 

10. American University of Sharjah 

This is a great choice for international students and the level of education is really high. 

From the American University of Sharjah, you can get most of the technical degrees you could think of. 

Their engineering courses are one of the best and you can begin a lavishing career after studying here.