Trending Areas of Study in UAE…

UAE is known for its lavish and extravagant living but little do people know, that UAE is home to some of the greatest international academies where students can get a high level of education from experienced professors. 

Dubai is among the fastest-growing economies in the world and this automatically leads to increased businesses and employment opportunities. UAE is great for studying and getting a job after in the business hub where investors are flocking in for more and more projects. 

But what areas of study can prove to be the best for an individual and what are the trending areas of study in UAE? If you are a student who wants to decide what to choose as a major then you are in the right hands. Dissertation writing help has researched and gathered the trending areas which can be very beneficial for the students. 


Law is a great area of study but it gives a wide variety of options to choose from. You can be a corporate lawyer, criminal lawyer, tax lawyer, etc and quite a lot of students pursue their careers in law for the nature of work and its scope. 

Probably the best field to choose in UAE is being a corporate and tax lawyer because of the number of companies and businesses functioning in UAE. You can become a legal consultant to individuals and companies from which you can earn a good amount of yearly salary. 


UAE is known for its architecture and it is safe to say that UAE is home to one of the greatest architectural masterpieces. Architecture is one of the best areas of study because of the environment in UAE. 

In 2018, on an average, almost 3,600 buildings were made in the UAE which clearly shows the importance of an area of study like architecture. 

The job opportunities for architects are endless and students can take great advantage of this career. 


As mentioned earlier, UAE is great for business and no business is complete without marketing these days. Marketing has always been a great area of study because of the possibilities it brings along. 

A marketing career is responsible for the growth of some of the best companies in the world. The marketing field is diverse and you can build your career around it. 

You can easily find universities that offer marketing programs and you too can become a very successful marketer.


UAE is all about building and developing the country and this is not possible without good engineers. The engineering field is extremely vast and you can get into the one you like. 

You can choose from Mechanical to Electronics engineering because of the scope of all engineering fields in the UAE. 

UAE is an oil-producing country and oil fields always require good engineers. UAE is also constantly building something and as we all know building something needs an engineer. 

Engineering is among the most stable careers in UAE and you can earn a great amount of money according to your experience.